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Bed & Breakfast in the Boutique Lodge

We simply love it. For years, the boutique style has been a theme for us here. Whenever we travel, we always choose small, special, unique houses. It is that certain individuality, an exceptional atmosphere. And of course, the quality and the friendliness. This mixture fascinates and delights us. With the revitalization and redesigning of the Boutique Lodge, we have accomplished exactly what we have long dreamed of: to create such a gem within our own house.

Facade and balconies with abundant use of wood, a touch of country. Stone facing on the wall in earthy gray. And instead of the usual white, a powerful contrast provided by oxblood red. This is typical for the Boutique Lodge. What is featured on the outside flows consistently into the interior design. A little of Tyrol, a little crazy, a lot of charm, and even more soul. Style meets incongruity. The result is a certain harmony that is slightly askew but very much alive...and comfortable and cozy all at the same time.

A house with style. A house with soul.

And then there is our attention to detail. It leaves its mark and sets the tone. And many elements are only noticeable upon second glance. Sometimes even a third. It's always good for a surprise. Surprisingly complex. 

Our heart beats for detail, both with respect to our interior decor, but also when it comes to service and quality. Making your precious vacation days an unforgettable experience is our mission. And here in Tyrol, that means creating a sense of warm hospitality.

We want to provide you a cozy retreat, where you can find rest and relaxation. Whatever will make your stay here even better, simply let us know. We are happy to listen. And we listen carefully.